Sweet & Sour Liquid Concentrate...
Sweet & Sour Liquid Concentrate...

Sweet & Sour Liquid Concentrate Fabbri 1.3 kg

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Fabbri Sweet & Sour is a delicious condiment perfect for creating dishes with a unique and irresistible flavour. This product is available in a practical 1,300 kg format and in a convenient PET bottle which makes it easy to use and store. Its perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity make it ideal for enriching your favorite dishes, such as chicken, meat, fish or vegetables. Furthermore, Fabbri Sweet & Sour is free of preservatives and artificial additives, ensuring the highest quality and authentic taste.


Fabbri Sweet & Sour Liquid Concentrate

Sweet & Sour based on sugar, lemon and albumin, is ideal for preparing the PREMIX most used by bartenders for the creation of cocktails sours such as, for example, Gin Fizz, Whiskey Sour, Daiquiri, Vodka Sour, Brandy Sour. Sweet & Sour Fabbri guarantees an extraordinary and constant yield over time, both in aromatic and visual terms.
Sweet & Sour is:
  1. good, both to the taste and to the smell thanks to the pleasant citrus notes and the delicate scent of lemon peel;
  2. fast, because it is ready in the right dose and in the correct balance of the ingredients;
  3. easy to use, because it can be simply diluted in water.
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