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Whole Norcia bacon seasoned with pepper 1100 g

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The seasoned Norcia bacon is a very tasty salami historically produced in Umbria by the Lanzi company.


Norcia bacon seasoned with black pepper and spices.

Whole Norcia bacon with a classic triangular shape, seasoned and covered with black pepper, herbs and spices. When cut it has a lean vein of muscle with a bright red color, enclosed in prized fat. The texture is firm and the flavor is intense and spicy. It is the perfect ingredient to prepare an excellent amatriciana or carbonara.

We recommend tasting it sliced on bruschetta and to enrich soups and legumes. Guanciale di Norcia is a very tasty salami historically produced in Umbria. This is where Salumificio Lanzi was born, which since 1962 has been processing top quality Italian meats while maintaining the Umbrian tradition high in the production of hams and cured meats.

The bacon is obtained directly from the pig's cheek, seasoned with salt and pepper and left to mature for at least 60 days. The result is a salami with a firm consistency, to be cut strictly by hand into slices or cubes. Each piece is easily recognizable by the portion of fine fat surrounding the brightly colored veins of muscle.

The strong and spicy flavor makes it a versatile ingredient, widely used in Roman cuisine. Ideal as an appetizer on hot bread and to give an extra touch to soups and legumes.

INGREDIENTS: Pork, salt, dextrose, flavorings and spices. Antioxidants: EE301, Preservatives: E250-E252. Weight: 800 gr "

Country of origin
Energy for 100 g of product
2720 KJ / 650 kcal
67 g
Of witch saturated fatty acids
26, 7 g
2, 1 g
Of which sugar
0,3 g
9,7 g
2,9 g
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