Bitter Marendry Fabbri 1lt

Bitter Marendry Fabbri 1lt

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Fabbri has recreated that unmistakable combination of liqueur and Amarena Fabbri, making it current and contemporary. Marendry is reborn, the revisitation of a historic liqueur, enriched by the flavor and color of the classic, inimitable Amarena Fabbri.


Bitter Marendry Fabbri

Marendry, the historic bitter from the Fabbri house, which is rediscovered very modern: low alcohol content (21%), without artificial flavors and colors, produced in Italy by Fabbri in compliance with the traditional recipe of the family distillery. An intoxicating mix of the bitter notes of the bitter and the enveloping and unmistakable flavor of Amarena Fabbri. The perfect liqueur for any recipe.
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