Vodka berries Keglevich 70 cl
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Vodka berries Keglevich 70 cl

Vodka Keglevich, one of the oldest in the world, has helped to create the history of the vodka we know today: it was born in 1882 when Count Stephan Keglevich began to produce it following a recipe of his own invention.
Bas Armagnac Dartigalongue...
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Bas Armagnac Dartigalongue Hors D'Âge 70cl Boxed

Elegant and majestic, this Hors d'Age, from Ugni Blanc, Baco and Folle Blanche grapes, undergoes a minimum aging of 7-8 years which takes place for 30% in new Gascony oak barrels; a unique and inimitable distillate, harmonious and traditionalist.
Bas Armagnac Millesimato...
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Bas Armagnac Millesimato Dartigalongue 1989

The Millesimato is the pure and authentic fruit of a single great vintage, capable of expressing harmony, intensity and aromatic richness. It is the result of the great experience of Dartigalongue, which has been producing Armagnac since 1838.
Bourbon Whiskey 70cl Four...
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Bourbon Whiskey 70cl Four Roses

Four Roses
Four Roses is a bourbon whiskey intended for a night owl and transgressive audience. A real label (which among other things has signed a fashion collection and a musical project), attentive to new fashions and emerging trends.
Brandy Gran Duque d'Alba...
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This Brandy is one of the most renowned and drunk spirits in all of Spain, thanks also to the name of Jerez which identifies it as a superior quality product, processed and aged in the most famous and suitable area for this category. What makes it unique is undoubtedly the great quality of the raw materials used, starting from the selection of the grapes,...
Brandy Solera Gran Reserva...
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Carlos I is a Spanish Brandy of great charge and aromatic richness, thanks to the long aging with the solera method in white oak barrels. It has a bouquet of almonds, caramel, vanilla, sweet spices and a soft, round, exuberant and persistent taste
Brandy Alla Genziana...
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Brandy Alla Genziana Nardini 1 lt

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Distillate flavored with Gentian root stands out for the intensity of its aromas and for its harmonic character; a grappa that, despite its bitter aftertaste, is a real pleasure to taste!
EU brandy Fragolino Nonino...
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EU brandy Fragolino Nonino 70 cl

Nonino Distillatori
Nonino's Fragolino "comes from fragolino grapes and is handcrafted, with discontinuous distillation. Pleasantly aromatic, it can also be chosen for the preparation of cocktails.
Grappa di Brunello Torre...
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Grappa di Brunello Torre Banfi box 70 cl

Castello Banfi
Grappa is the Italian distillate par excellence! Obtained only and exclusively from the distillation with the discontinuous method, in steamed copper stills, of very fresh pomace and still dripping juice, of strictly Italian grapes, it has always accompanied our after dinner and our moments of relaxation.
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