Terre di Tufi IGT Teruzzi 2017
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White wines

Terre di Tufi IGT Teruzzi 2017

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"Terre di Tufi" by Teruzzi is a successful blend based on Vernaccia and Trebbiano variety grapes, Terre di Tufi is a white wine that rests partly in steel and partly in wood for 15 months before bottling. Pleasantly fresh, it goes well with tasty dishes based on fish and shellfish.
Bellone Enyo IGT Cincinnato...
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White wines

Bellone Enyo IGT Cincinnato 2020

The white wine "Enyo" of Cincinnato comes from pure bellone grapes, a native variety of the Cori area, it ages for a year in steel before being bottled; the peculiarity of this white wine is the light maceration on the skins and the permanence on the yeasts for malolactic fermentation. Eclectic wine, fresh but with a full and decisive body.
Benaco Bresciano IGT Pratto...
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The "Pratto" dei Ca 'dei Frati comes from a blend of white berried grapes deeply influenced by the particular microclimate of Sirmione close to the southern shore of Lake Garda. A soft white, but intense and persistent, with an attack of rich sweetness, followed, after a balanced acid and savory interlude, a long finish, where the olfactory sensations of...
White Capolemole bio Marco...
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White wines

White Capolemole bio Marco Carpineti 2023 75cl

Marco Carpineti
Marco Carpineti's white "Capolemole" comes from Bellone grapes in the countryside vineyards of Cori, in the province of Latina. It is a fresh white wine, with a good total balance, with an easy and lively drink.
Pinot Grey DOC Colterenzio...
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White wines

Pinot Grey DOC Colterenzio 2023 75cl

The Pinot Grigio di Colterenzio comes from a careful selection of homonymous grapes from the vineyards of Appiano and Cornaiano. It is a full and elegant white wine, characterized by pleasant fruity nuances and an excellent balance. Vinified and left to mature in steel tanks only in order to preserve its fragrance and immediacy.
Bolgheri Vermentino DOC...
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White wines

Bolgheri Vermentino DOC Grattamacco 2022 75cl

Grattamacco's Bolgheri Vermentino is a soft, rich and expressive white wine. It is vinified in steel and in barrique and is expressed with hints of aromatic herbs, citrus fruits, sea salt and resin. The sip is soft and creamy but also fresh, savory and vibrant.
White IGT Ornellaia  2021...
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White wines

White IGT Ornellaia 2021 75 cl

Tenuta Dell'Ornellaia
Ornellaia Bianco is a blend with a majority of Sauvignon Blanc, the result of three small vineyards that have demonstrated their extraordinary ability to express the unique character of Ornellaia. It is a wide and velvety white, with a nice density that finely fills the palate. The taste ends in a persistent and savory finish, with a minerality that...
Chardonnay Luzzatto Kosher...
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White wines

Chardonnay Luzzatto Kosher Beni di Batasiolo 2021 75 cl

Beni di Batasiolo
Chardonnay "Luzzato" Kosher to be appreciated in all respects, remembering that if today there are too many reasons that separate peoples and communities, wine once again becomes a symbol of the union of peoples and the breaking down of barriers. It is a balanced white, round and well worked on the acid shoulder.
Müller Thurgau DOC Abbazia...
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White wines

Müller Thurgau DOC Abbazia di Novacella 2022

Abbazia Di Novacella
The Muller Thurgau from the Abbazia di Novacella winery is one of the most famous white wines of South Tyrol, known for its simplicity and freshness. The soils are located in the Bressanone basin, characterized by soils composed of permeable and mineral morainic deposits, which favor the flavor and minerality of this label. In the glass it reveals...
Vermentino Di Sardinia DOC...
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The Vermentino di Sardinia Costamolino from Cantina Argiolas is born in vineyards located on the gentle slopes of Pranu Sturru-Suelli and Perda Campus-Selegas. It is a fresh and dry white wine, pleasantly dry and savory; overall it is a delicate and fine wine.
Greco di Tufo Vigna Cicogna...
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White wines

Greco di Tufo Vigna Cicogna DOCG Benito Ferrara 2022

Benito Ferrara
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The Greco di Tufo “Vigna Cicogna” by Benito Ferrara is one of the most famous whites from Campania and a true excellence of our wine scene. It is a white wine with good structure, with a rich, taut and deep sip, characterized by a pleasant saline trail. The finish is very fresh and with a good gustative persistence.
Sauvignon DOC La Viarte...
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White wines

Sauvignon DOC La Viarte 2022 75cl

La Viarte
The Sauvignon DOC white wine from the La Viarte winery with a dry, intense and rightly aromatic taste. Tasty and mineral, of great character and with a clear nose-palate correspondence.
Isola dei Nuraghi IGT Late...
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The challenge of the Capichera company was precisely to think Vermentino capable of an extra sprint, a mission successfully completed with this late harvest sample, collected about a month after the usual harvest period and, for the first time in the history of Vermentino, the first Sardinian white wine to be vinified in barrique. The result is an...
Sicilia DOC La Segreta Il...
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The white wine "La Segreta" is a young, agile and fresh expression of Sicily, obtained with vinification only in steel. The aromatic profile is pleasant and delicate, with hints of wildflowers, fresh fruit, herbs and citrus. The taste is light, refreshing, harmonious, lean and drinkable
Sauvignon blanc Turranio...
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White wines

Sauvignon blanc Turranio Bosco del Merlo 2023 75cl

Bosco del Merlo
Sauvignon Blanc Turranio is the pride of the Bosco del Merlo farm: awarded at the most important wine competitions in the world, it is included in the wine lists of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in Venice and many European and non-European capitals, from Zurich to Hong Kong.
Petit Manseng IGT Casale...
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White wines

Petit Manseng IGT Casale Del Giglio 2020

Casale Del Giglio
Grape variety from Jurançon, an area close to the French Atlantic Pyrenees. Superior form of Gros Manseng, it has particularly small berries with a thick skin, which produce small quantities of must and can remain on the plant until late autumn, so as to concentrate the sugar with a drying process called “passerillage” in French.
Terre Aquilane Pecorino IGT...
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€12.60 €13.00
Pecorino "Giulia" is a fresh and generous Abruzzo white wine, a reference point of the type, also for the excellent quality / price ratio. It has an exuberant bouquet of exotic fruit and citrus. On the palate it is crisp, fresh and clean, very drinkable.
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