Boukman Botanical Rum 70cl
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Boukman Botanical Rum 70cl

Rum Boukman, the best agricultural rum is used, distilled from pure cane juice and infused with local bark and flowers. All this gives a distillate with an intense, dry and complex taste. A rum with a distinctive flavor with bright spices and herbaceous notes of cane. A unique ingredient for cocktails with a sophisticated atmosphere.
Jamaica Rum Appleton Estate...
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The Rum "Jamaica Rum" of Appleton Estate comes from the blending of fine rums aged for at least 12 years in oak barrels in Jamaica. It expresses itself with generosity and immediacy, giving hints of fruit, citrus, sweet spices and coffee. On the palate it is soft, rich, fruity, pleasantly sweet and woody
Rum Flor De Cana 18 Y 70 cl
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It has a truly amazing aromatic complexity, which is combined with a powerful, smooth and interminable finish. Almost two decades of resting in oak barrels give this Rum Single Estate Centenario 18 years old, from the Flor de Caña distillery, an excellence and an unattainable level of quality. Commendable.
Rum White Overproof Wray &...
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Wray & Nephew's Rum White Overproof is the world's best-selling high-proof white rum and is the result of a special blend of different types of rum. It adds a unique character to cocktails and is an essential element in authentic Jamaican rum punches, as well as the "secret" ingredient in signature rum-based drinks.
Rum Presidente Marti Añejo...
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Rhum Presidente Marti takes a name that has its roots in the Cuban roots of the Oliver family, now settled in the Dominican Republic; this label, in fact, is dedicated to José Julián Martí Pérez: politician, writer and leader of the Cuban independence movement of the mid-19th century. The homage to this hero takes the form of a great artisanal Rum, aged...
Rum Solera 7 Years...
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This dark Rum is part of a range of finesse and qualitative elegance that is difficult to reproduce in other parts of the world, produced with great competence and dedication by the Matusalem distillery, in Cuban territory since 1873. The distinctive, deep and intense character of this Rum derives from aging process, the famous Solera Method, used for the...
Ron Desiderio Reserva...
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Strengthened by its aging in Scotland, Ron Desiderio Reserva Familiar stands out for its elegance, clean taste and persistence, qualities that have earned it the prestigious recognition of Samaroli, a global synonym for fine spirits. There are only 339 bottles produced, each strictly numbered.
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