Alto Adige Chardonnay DOC...
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Alto Adige Chardonnay DOC Elena Walch 2022

Elena Walch
Elena Walch's Chardonnay is a fresh and soft Altesino white wine, born in the hilly vineyards at 600 meters above sea level. With pleasant fruity sensations, with exotic nuances and traces of white flowers. On the palate it is round, enveloping, fresh and mineral.
Alto Adige DOC Chardonnay...
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The Chardonnay "Cardellino" by Elena Walch is a white wine of the Trentino tradition, born in the hilly vineyards at 600 meters above sea level. A fruity bouquet characterized in particular by exotic and tropical notes of ripe banana, then enriched with delicate floral nuances.
Curtefranca Chardonnay DOC...
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White wines

Curtefranca Chardonnay DOC Ca 'Del Bosco 2015

Ca' Del Bosco
€71.00 €75.00
The Chardonnay Curtefranca DOC of Ca 'Del Bosco with a full and round taste, has an organoleptic structure so intense as to be comparable to that of a red wine, but which remains in the senses for its extraordinary finesse. Great!
Chardonnay DOC Altkirch...
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White wines

Chardonnay DOC Altkirch Colterenzio 2022

The Chardonnay "Altkirch" by Colterenzio is a fresh, soft and satisfying white wine, coming from the vineyards of Salorno and the Bassa Atesina, vinified and left to mature in steel tanks only in order to preserve its fragrance and immediacy, in the best tradition of the type.
Chardonnay DOC Lafoa...
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White wines

Chardonnay DOC Lafoa Colterenzio 2022 75cl

The Südtirol Chardonnay "Lafóa" of the Colterenzio winery is born in vineyards located in the municipality of Cornaiano, in the province of Bolzano. It comes exclusively from Chardonnay grapes, harvested and selected only by hand. Fermentation takes place in partly new barriques at a controlled temperature. After malolactic fermentation in wood, the wine...
Chardonnay Luzzatto Kosher...
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White wines

Chardonnay Luzzatto Kosher Beni di Batasiolo 2021 75 cl

Beni di Batasiolo
Chardonnay "Luzzato" Kosher to be appreciated in all respects, remembering that if today there are too many reasons that separate peoples and communities, wine once again becomes a symbol of the union of peoples and the breaking down of barriers. It is a balanced white, round and well worked on the acid shoulder.
Tuscany IGT Cabreo La...
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White wines

Tuscany IGT Cabreo La Pietra 2019 75 cl

Ambrogio e Giovanni Folonari
Cabreo La Pietra white wine comes from the vineyards of Tenute del Cabreo, within the municipality of Greve in Chianti. Originally created in 1983, it is the result of a process of fermentation and aging in wood, which characterize it as the Tuscan interpretation of a very successful international type of white wine.
Chardonnay Gio IGT Ponte 2022
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White wines

Chardonnay Gio IGT Ponte 2022

The Chardonnay "Giò" di Ponte is an elegant white wine, with notes of yellow flowers, accompanied by fine hints of yellow pulp fruit.
Chardonnay IGT Kante 2020
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White wines

Chardonnay IGT Kante 2020

Azienda Agricola Kante
The Chardonnay from the Kante winery is a soft and rich white wine, aged for 12 months in barrique. With vegetal and fruity scents, aromatic herbs and vanilla animates a velvety and complex sip, rich in fruit and good persistence.
Chardonnay DOC Spìule...
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Colli Orientali del Friuli Chardonnay DOC “Spìule Angoris Riserva Giulio Locatelli” from the Angoris estate, ages for ten months, partly in steel, partly in oak tonneau and concrete tanks. Structure, freshness and flavor meet harmoniously, coming to express themselves in a complex and concentrated way.
Menfi Chardonnay DOC...
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White wines

Menfi Chardonnay DOC Planeta 2021

Planeta's Menfi Chardonnay Doc is a full-bodied and intense white wine, with a good structure, aged for 12 months in barrique. Floral, citrus, mineral and marine tones come together in a soft and velvety sip, dense and enveloping as only a Sicilian Chardonnay can be.
Chardonnay Didacus Menfi...
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White wines

Chardonnay Didacus Menfi DOC Planeta 2018

€69.00 €74.00
The bottle of Chardonnay "Didacus" from the Planeta winery contains the vision of the wine company. Elegance and tradition. Family and future. Sicily as they have always dreamed of.
Chardonnay IGT Casale Del...
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White wines

Chardonnay IGT Casale Del Giglio 2022

Casale Del Giglio
The Chardonnay del Casale Del Giglio is an intense white wine also to the taste, well balanced between softness and freshness. The fruity echo persists.
Chardonnay IGT Libaio...
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White wines

Chardonnay IGT Libaio Ruffino 2021

Ruffino's Toscana Chardonnay "Libaio" is born in the vineyards located on the La Solatia estate, near the medieval village of Monteriggioni. Fresh and harmonious, with a pleasant softness balanced by a marked acidity.
Bourgogne AOC Cuvee Latour...
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€26.00 €28.90
The Cuvée Latour Blanc bears the name of the Domaine, born from white berried grapes, to underline the essential traits of the Côte d'Or terroir - in Burgundy - and of the signature of the Domaine. Produced exclusively with Chardonnay grapes, harvested in the areas of Mersault, Puligny and Chassagne. It carries out alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in...
Pouilly Fuisse Louis Latour...
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White wines

Pouilly Fuisse Louis Latour 2018 75 cl

Louis Latour
Pouilly-Fuissé is the name of a small town in Mâconnais, a unique area for the chardonnays it manages to give. An extraordinary place, the vineyards that produce this wine, vinified and left to mature in steel only, are in fact part of a breathtaking landscape, where limestone and clayey soils combine to create an inimitable 'terroir'.
Chardonnay Trentino DOC...
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White wines

Chardonnay Trentino DOC Council 2021

€7.20 €8.30
The production area practically coincides with the viticultural Trentino where the Chardonnay grape, originally from Burgundy, has found a second homeland and more than one use. It is a harmonious, persistent and pleasant white wine.
Chardonnay Chiarandà...
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White wines

Chardonnay Chiarandà Donnafugata 2018 75 cl

"Chirandà" from the famous Donnafugata winery is a soft and full-bodied white wine based on Chardonnay, aged partly in cement tanks and partly in barrels and barriques. It has a scent of tropical fruit, aromatic herbs and vanilla and has an enveloping and pleasantly savory taste.
Chardonnay DOC Merus...
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White wines

Chardonnay DOC Merus Tiefenbrunner 2022

Tiefenbrunner's Chardonnay is a medium-bodied white wine aged for 4 months on the lees in steel tanks. The nose reveals pleasant hints of exotic fruit and wild flowers. On the palate it is full and decisive, with a good structure and a slightly spicy taste.
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