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Citres Boscaiola Mushrooms...
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Vegetables and in oil

Citres Boscaiola Mushrooms 290 gr

Citres Boscaiola mushrooms are a rich mixture of mushrooms composed of shiitake mushrooms, yellow family, musk mushrooms, orecchiette mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms seasoned with parsley and garlic.
I Toscanacci venison sauce...
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Sauces and Sauces

I Toscanacci venison sauce 180 gr

I Toscanacci Roe Deer Sauce is a very appetizing sauce with a slight hint of wild game that enhances its rural nature. A classic of the alpine tradition that evokes hunting trips at the foot of the great mountains with those unmistakable scents. Suitable for refined first courses that do not hide their rurality but make it a strong point.
Hare sauce I Toscanacci 180 gr
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Sauces and Sauces

Hare sauce I Toscanacci 180 gr

I Toscanacci hare sauce is a refined sauce that follows the Tuscan tradition, enhancing its flavor. A simple recipe that combines a very high percentage of meat with bay leaves, wine and vegetables that soften the wild nature of the hare. This is why it is a harmonious sauce, suitable for all palates.
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